Medicine Hat Brooks Straighten Teeth

Medicine Hat Brooks Straighten Teeth

How Dentists In Medicine Hat Brooks Straighten Teeth

Although there are numerous dental clinics around, all the ones in Medicine Hat Brooks straighten teeth by following the same basic steps. While you may have come across several do-it-yourself ways of straightening the teeth, you will hardly see any testimony of these methods.

Straightening of teeth requires experience, expertise, knowledge, and appropriate tools. It can only be handled by experts. So, the steps by which orthodontics specialists in Medicine Hat Brooks straighten teeth have been outlined below one after the other.

Consultation and Exam

The very first step by which orthodontists in Medicine Hat Brooks straighten teeth is consultation. Virtually all service providers offer free consultations. You will schedule a visit and your specialist will examine the anomaly in your dentition and figure out how to straighten your teeth.

To get clearer pictures, he may also take x-rays of your dentition. He can then recommend a straightening solution for you. A date will be fixed for the beginning of the procedure.

Extractions will take place (if necessary)

If your teeth are crowded, it will be difficult to fit braces on them, so your dentist may have to extract some of them. There is nothing special about these extractions. They are like the normal tooth extraction. To reduce the pain, he may administer an anesthetic before pulling the tooth or teeth out.

Impressions of teeth are made

To prepare suitable braces for your teeth, their impressions have to be made. The lab now uses the impressions to build your traditional braces or invisalign, whichever the case may be.

Braces are fitted

Normally, the next logical step is to fit the already built braces. You can fit your invisalign braces yourself because it is very easy. On the other hand, your specialist has to fit the traditional braces for you bit by bit. While it is not painful, you may find it uncomfortable initially. You will get used to it much later.

The straightening begins

Once the braces are on, you have to wait until your dentist feels it is time to remove them. In the meantime, you need to brush and floss your teeth according to your dentist’s recommendations. This is important for the health of your teeth.

You should also go for your routine teeth cleanings and dental examinations as this will also play a role in the success of the procedure. Apart from that, dental examinations also allow your dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment.

Changes and adjustment

Invisalign braces can be changed easily after two weeks. You would have been given all the sets you need and you will be changing them periodically. A particular set of invisible braces is meant to be used for about two weeks before you change them.

You will have to use the traditional braces for a longer period but it is more complex to change and you will likely need your dentist’s help for each change. Your dentist may all need to adjust your braces as your crooked teeth are falling into their new straightened positions.

Remove the brace

The final step is to remove the braces. It is done when all your teeth have shifted to the right positions for them. The removal of braces is usually accompanied by thorough cleaning of your teeth.

Conclusively, while there may be slight differences in how different dentists approach each of the steps above, they all follow the steps.


Medicine Hat Brooks Straighten Teeth
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