Our office employs various technologies in our provision of patient care. These systems are both efficient for our staff and easier on our environment than traditional paper systems. We pride ourselves on being an extremely forward-thinking practice with respect to computer systems and are sure that your care will be maximized by our employment of these methods.


All photographs for initial, progress and final patient records are taken with a digital camera. This allows for the use of no processing materials to develop the photographs and for ease of storage and transfer within our office.
More information: www.i-cat.com.


All patient treatment information is retained on our Patient Management Software. Our photographs and three-dimensional images are also filed in this “chartless” system. The wastage of paper products is kept to a minimum, and our patient information is always easily accessible from anywhere in the clinic.


Each of our treatment chairs is equipped with a computer terminal to allow for the efficient usage of our chartless office systems. Your information, including digital photographs, three-dimensional models and three-dimensional facial scans are at chairside for Dr. King to review.


This iTero® scanning system allows our office to take highly accurate 3D images of your teeth, eliminating the need for messy putty. Even without a physical impression, using this scanner we’ll be able to see all of the individual characteristics, surfaces, and edges of your teeth so that we can create a comprehensive treatment plan. This new system offers real-time visualization, Invisalign® connectivity, and fast image-taking speeds so we can plan your orthodontic treatment faster than ever before.

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